Internal Defects

  • IDD2 sensor is designed to detect internal defects on fruit, such as: browning, water core and rots. Internal browning and water core detection system by passing a near IR beam through products such as: apple and onions… The IDD2 system is patented, base on a sophisticated near infra red LED system.


  • Insight 2 is a last generation eletronic sorter which associated to the ORPHEA 5 sorting enables the sorting of fruits according to their sugar content (Brix). The system is based on a principle of analysis developed between the light emitting near-infrared using Halogens Lamps of 150W and analysis of different wavelengths received by a sensitive spectrometer.
  • Firmness Sensor measurement system by analysis of deceleration through mechanical scanning of products such as peach, nectarine, avocado…

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